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The ‘quarter-life crisis’ is the new ‘mid-life crisis.’

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I just finished my last interview for my surf story and am about to set out to work on writing it.  But first, a snack: a cup of coffee and several spoonfuls of raw cookie dough.  I haven’t gone grocery shopping in weeks as part of the save-for-California financial program I’m on.  Sweatpants, slippers and big comfy sweater on I can’t help but laugh at myself and prey, ‘please let this story get published.’

These days I like to think I’m beautifully enduring a ‘quarter-life crisis.’  I am almost 25.  I just resigned from a management position to become a full-time bar tender so that I could spend more time doing what I love.  To pursue my passion for writing and my desire to break into the public relations industry.  And the thing is, I’m actually happier!  I am thrilled to be eating cookie dough and furiously writing before traveling to LA with my friends on Thursday.  That actually encompasses a lot of things that I love: sugar, writing, traveling and spending time with my friends, helllooooo!

I look around, and while I’m only 24, the idea that there are people who are my age and just absolutely killing it and doing what they love makes me envious and gives me a heightened sense of anxiety, but is also inspirational!  Why can’t I do that to?  I can.  I do not have to sign a contract and take a salary and live a “stable” lifestyle. That “stable” lifestyle idea actually makes me feel very mentally UNstable.

For generations before it was, without a question in your mind, you went to college, you majored in a profession, you got the job that correlated with that major and planned on doing it for the next 40-years.  You married your college sweetheart started saving for a house and retirement.  Then after doing the same thing day in and day out you woke up realizing there is very little that you love about the life around you, enter mid-life crisis. I’m not saying this happened/happens to everyone! But it did/does happen.

However, I think that way of life is nearing an end.  Now a days, and I guess, in a way, we can thank the down economy for this, my generation is coming to the realization of how important it is to be surrounded by what you love at a much earlier age.

If it’s so hard to get ANY kind of job, why not get the one you want?

Companies get bought and sold, technology is advancing so fast, younger, smarter people are being pumped out of universities in mass quantities every year.  Nothing is guaranteed. The world is changing rapidly at every second. It leaves us constantly questioning EVERYTHING. Our values, what we love, what we want, etc.

It’s not a ‘crisis’ so to say.  It’s actively living. It’s being in touch with our true needs, wants and desires, and it’s a beautiful thing.

While I can’t necessarily do what I love for work right away, writing or pr, I can enjoy the struggle of getting there.  Every moment becomes more significant.  Every day off, every new adventure, every new bar customer, every human interaction becomes that much more meaningful.

The difference between the ‘quarter-life crisis’ and the ‘mid-life crisis’ is that in the current ‘crisis,’ I can still laugh and enjoy the unknown.  My biggest responsibility is myself and my happiness. I don’t have responsibilities like mortgage payments, a husband and/or children. I’m enjoying the journey of getting these. Of getting to a point where I can healthily have these things, which, in turn, will theoretically make it so I appreciate them that much more when I do have them.

I love my ‘quarter life crisis,’ because it is my adventure, my journey into finding myself.

2 Responses

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  1. ah , i love this!! I am also loving my quarter life crisis hehe. . .


    April 2, 2012 at 5:05 pm

  2. I’m diggin this post and can relate to what you’re writing about 100%. I used to have huge panic attacks on birthdays, but now that I’m getting a little older, I’m mellowing out and just enjoying the ride – doing what I love, making some money, trying new things, looking at possibilities for the future.

    Life is way too short to be stressed out all the time.

    Enjoy your trip and good luck with the article!


    April 2, 2012 at 5:46 pm

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